Some instructive debates about scientific dissemination:

Reproducibility and quality of scientific studies:

– Interesting initiative commented in article from Slate.com on the topic (also have a look at the comment about “WHY results are difficult to reproduce”)
– J.P.A. Ioannidis. “Why most published research findings are false”. PLoS Medicine, 2005;2(8):e124. www
– “Six ways to clean-up science” – G. Marcus, The New Yorker, 2012. www
– The highly active blog about retracted papers Retraction watch
– and a warning about “The risks of the replication drive”: Nature comment

Open access to scientific knowledge:

– A large article from The Guardian introducing the topic, the protagonists, and some alternatives
– The blog of Tim Gowers (Fields Medal 1998) opening the debate
– Opinions from the other side (Nature Editorial and News release)

– Very interesting articles about the deceits of open-acces (in French): From Dream to Nightmare Part 1 and Part 2, also making echo to the very recent scandal commented in Science about the boom of open-access fraudulous journals, and more generally the current peer-review system: Who’s afraid of peer-review?

About reforming science:

Structural reforms
Methodological and cultural reforms
– A recent study (including modelling aspects) about the “natural” selection of bad science: press release and article

Beware of predatory Editors:

– The wonderful initiative from a wonderfully named and written paper “Get Me Off Your F*ck*ng Mailing List”
– A regularly updated list of such journals
– and a charming automatic paper generator