Research lines

My current research interests target the statistical analysis of cardiac function (2D/3D motion and deformation patterns, among other descriptors), for the understanding of disease apparition and evolution, and, to a certain extent, computer-aided diagnosis. My focus is both on features extraction and pre-processing (speckle-tracking, image registration, and spatiotemporal alignment techniques such as statistical atlases), and on their post-processing through pattern analysis and representation learning techniques.

On the clinical side, my work has special dedication to the fields of echocardiography, resynchronization therapy (CRT) and heart failure.

Computational anatomy and statistical atlases

– Image registration and diffeomorphic mappings
– Analysis of longitudinal/temporal sequences
– voxel-based statistics

Pattern analysis

– dimensionality reduction in linear / non-linear spaces
– out-of-sample problem
– pattern matching

Cardiac imaging and cardiology

– 2D/3D echocardiography and speckle-tracking
– cardiac resynchronization therapy
– heart failure