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Book chapters

  • Duchateau N, Piella G, Frangi A, De Craene M.
    Learning pathological deviations from a normal pattern of myocardial motion: Added value for CRT studies?
    In: Wu G, Shen D, & Sabuncu M, eds. Machine learning and medical imaging. Elsevier, pp 365-82, 2016.
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  • Duchateau N, Bijnens BH, D’hooge J, Sitges M.
    Three-dimensional assessment of cardiac motion and deformation.
    In: Shiota T, ed. 3D echocardiography, 2nd edition. CRC press, pp 201-13, 2013.
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  • Duchateau N, Bijnens B.
    Letter regarding the article “Additive prognostic value of left ventricular systolic dysfunction in a population-based cohort” from Kuznetsova et al.
    Circulation Cardiovascular Imaging. 2016.
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  • Duchateau N, De Craene M, Frangi AF.
    Statistical atlases of cardiac motion and deformation for the characterization of CRT responders.
    PhD Thesis, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (ES), 2012.
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Some invited talks

  • Duchateau N. Statistical atlases (with applications in cardiac imaging).
    GRIC @Journées Francophones de Radiologie: “Approches computationnelles et imagerie cardiaque”, Paris (FR), 2016.
  • Duchateau N. Motion estimation to construct statistical atlases of the heart.
    2nd USART training course, GE Vingmed and KU Leuven (BE), 2013.
  • Duchateau N. Spatiotemporal analysis of myocardial motion and deformation patterns.
    Research seminar, Philips Research, Medisys, Suresnes (FR), 2013.